Space measurement and financial performance data management
Optimisation and localisation of store and category space
Space management process design and implementation

Effective macro space optimisation goes beyond the use of network-wide averages and requires a detailed understanding of the value of each unit of available space in each store. Our approach takes a wide array of factors into account: store design and property characteristics, local customer demand preferences and behaviour, category roles, and competition all have a bearing on how each category’s space performs. We incorporate all of these factors when calculating the ideal space allocations for your operations and strategic priorities, whether across the whole store, a given department or a single aisle.

Optimising space allocations to maximise customer engagement, increase sales and margin growth, minimise waste and maximise end-to-end profit
Developing space management clusters
Implementing cluster-based space optimisation solutions
Supporting delivery of store space reset programs
Increases of 5-7% on total annual sales across a selection of retailers we've worked with. This can translate to a 30-40% net profit growth for typical, low margin businesses!
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