Scalene Recognised as one of Australia's Fastest-Growing New Companies

Posted on
December 2, 2021

Retail data consultancy Scalene Group has been recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing new businesses ranking 28th on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters list for 2021.

Scalene Group Managing Director Mick Moore, who founded the business in 2018 with data scientist Pushkar Kumar, says he is delighted to be recognised in the AFR Fast lists.

“To be recognised as one of the top 30 fastest growing new companies in Australia is a real thrill and testament to the hard work our team has put in over the last three years to consistently deliver strong results for our client base.”

Moore adds that Scalene’s ability to help retailers adapt quickly to a changing retail environment has been a key component of its success.

“Making the Fast Starters list for 2021 really underscores the value that we’re bringing to companies in a time when retailers are facing significant headwinds. As has been well documented, there’s been a big shift to online retail in recent years, with this shift exacerbated by the pandemic and the significant disruptions that it has caused to conventional retail.

“More than ever, retailers are seeing the need to be smarter in their decision making, and as we’ve demonstrated, the best way to do this is to leverage the wealth of rich data that they’re already collecting.”

Moore and Kumar started the business after identifying the benefits of combining the latest data science methodologies with a deep understanding of the challenges of modern retail.

“We recognised that leveraging data insights effectively for range selection and space management could benefit a great many retailers, but only the few very large retail firms in Australia were doing it – and even those top firms struggled to translate those analytics insights into value-adding decisions,” says Moore.

Over the past three years, Scalene has grown rapidly picking up clients in Australasia, Asia and the UK, where they also now have an office.

The next stage for Scalene will be the launch of the software analytics platform they have under development to provide toolkits that interact with leading space management platforms and apply recommendations such as how category space can be allocated to each store within a network – and Moore believes they are onto a winner.

“Our software platform will put high-value data at the fingertips of key decision makers and give them the confidence to make the big calls.”  

The Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters list is ranked according to compound annual growth rates over the last three financial years and celebrates companies that commenced trading on or after 1 July 2016. Companies that began trading before this date are eligible for the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Companies list.

The AFR featured an article outlining Scalene's recent work and plans to release a new retail analytics platform that you can read here.