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Case Study: Driving Store Profitability Via Macro Space Optimisation

Australian big-box retailer Officeworks is transforming its stores with a focus on efficiency and growth. To facilitate this, Officeworks turned to Scalene to advise on the optimal product space for each store in its network. Our optimisation solution also addressed key challenges around estimating future product performance, strategic and operational constraints and the impact of store-level space changes by category.

This case study outlines how we helped Officeworks achieve an incremental sales increase of +$45m and an incremental margin increase of +$21m (growth of+7%).                    

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Six Levers for Optimising Range Performance

If you're looking to minimise inventories, maximise cash, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and simplify your business operations, this white paper is for you. We've outlined six actionable steps that will help you optimise your assortment to improve the performance of your stores.
Through the course of the paper we'll look at how how to:        

  • Define the right range performance KPIs
  • Understand and articulate exactly what success looks like
  • Undertake a qualitative check
  • Evaluate and introduce new items
  • Prioritise items for implementation
  • Successfully implement strategies across your business
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Store Network, Size and Category Optimisation

Throughout the course of the pandemic Bricks & Mortar retail has been heavily impacted. With numerous lockdowns imposed, Australia has been particularly hard hit. But among the doom and gloom there have been opportunities for savvy marketers. In this white paper we examine how leveraging store space offers the potential for transformational improvements to retailer profitability.                         

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Since 2018, Scalene Group has leveraged data to help retailers boost engagement, drive sales, and enhance productivity with one consistent focus – get to know your customer. In this episode, Hamish Cargill talks with Tim Riches and our managing director Mick Moore. As a leading expert within retail strategy advisory, Mick unpacks the science behind creating not only a satisfied customer, but a loyal one too.