Informed by Experience
Empowered by Data

Harness the power of AI and big data to increase customer engagement, boost sales and margin, drive productivity and get a jump on the shifting dynamics of modern retail.

Delivering Strong Commercial Value in Retail

Scalene Group is an agile team of experienced retailers and data scientists. We help brands and retailers leverage big data to optimise performance, boost profits, and anticipate changes in the retail landscape. Through targeting the retail levers that most influence sales, margin and profitability, we help business leaders and delivery teams deploy sustainable solutions that deliver high-value, commercial  outcomes.

Quantifiable Results

We focus on solutions that deliver significant, sustainable profit improvement.  For many retailers with low net profit margins, our solutions can contribute to significant, double-digit profit growth.

*examples based on selected solution areas

Space Optimisation
Range Management
Pricing & Promotion
Clearance Optimisation
>$80bn (AUD)
Total annual sales of brands we've worked with
Store count of these brands
Measured sales and margin growth from store macro space optimisation
Countries we have delivered engagements in

Core Services

01. Space Optimisation

Maximise profits with customer-centric, localised store space allocations.

02. Range Management

Provide more of the products your customers want and less of what they don’t.

03. Pricing & Promotions

Optimise pricing strategy and customer perception. Track and benchmark pricing in the market; respond quickly to maintain price position

04. Customer Insights

Actionable insights for improved customer acquisition, conversion and personalised engagement.

05. Store Format Development

Leverage data science to guide the development of the stores of the future.

06. Operating Model Design

Design operational processes informed by data science to enhance productivity, drive efficiency and maximise service.

Always Agile

We support all of our clients to capture value in their specific opportunity areas by combining strategy development, big data insights and robust tailored operational process design. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Leading Retailers Trust Scalene

Case Studies


1. Define Opportunity

Working closely with relevant staff members and stakeholders, we perform detailed diagnostic analysis to understand your business, strategic direction and challenges. We then build a solution roadmap spanning strategy, data, tools, process and people to bridge from your current state to a future state that captures the opportunity.

2. Gather and Organise Data

Leveraging existing internal and 3rd party data, we compile and structure new data sets for comprehensive analysis.

3. Analyse, model and interpret.

Working closely with clients for feedback and direction, we combine our strategy development expertise, operational and commercial experience in retail with sophisticated data science to identify, validate and fully define each opportunity.

4. Optimise and Execute.

We share our data-led insights and refine and develop our recommendations collaboratively with your team. We support and guide implementation planning, delivery and track outcomes to ensure value delivery.

5. Support and maintain

Lastly, we provide ongoing assistance to sustain, update and refine the strategies we’ve developed and implemented and lend support to ensure ongoing benefits delivery.

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